Updated March 32, 2001 4:36:42 PM EST
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Meet SundEnPjMsF

Southern Area

Meet SMI's newest subsidiary, SundEnPjMsF, the brilliant minds behind the SunCLONE ONE (from left to right):

  • Neil Pierson, Java MRI Real-Time Imaging Architect (JMRIA)
  • John Meyer, Java Physicist and Quantum Computing Architect (JPQCA);
  • Dave Edstrom, Chief Genius and Technology Architect (CGTA);
  • Steve Fritzinger, Java DNA Neurosurgeon Architect (JDNAC)
They all hope they still have jobs on April 2.  Not pictured are the persons formerly known as "Sandy Grimes", "Dick Bowman", "Steve Ferry", "Jim Clifton", "Paul Tatum", "Pat Cox", "Sue", "Tal" and "Marty" "Walls" and the entire Viva Robotics corporation who have all entered the Federal Witness Protection Program. Also not pictured is Julie Edstrom, former Chief MRI Imaging Scientist and the only one in the group with any ethics at all.
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Southern Area

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